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JUNE 20, 2024

Project Graduation is all about keeping our graduating seniors safe on graduation night by providing them with a tobacco-free, alcohol-free, drug-free venue and activities. 

With the help of the Highland Park community and local business sponsors, the entire class of graduating seniors participates free of charge.

The cost of the whole event is raised through fundraising and donations. 

This year Project Graduation will be at the Woodbridge Community Center on June 20. The seniors will be bused from Highland Park High School around 10:30 and will return to the high school via buses around 3:30 am. At the center, the kids can swim, play basketball, roller skate and hang out signing yearbooks. The snack bar will be free all night.
Attention Junior Parents! We need your help! Traditionally it is the junior parents who chaperone the event, please pay it forward and learn more about the night.  

If you would like to support Highland Park High School Project Graduation

general donations are greatly appreciated!

Project Graduation began with the class of 1991. Principal Joseph Hood worked with teachers, the student assistance coordinator, and the parents of the graduating class to establish a safe celebration for our graduating seniors. They took a cruise on a yacht in the New York City harbor. That was the traditional Project Graduation trip until around 2008 when it switched to recreation centers. Parents of the graduating class raise funds to ensure that on graduation night our seniors will celebrate in a safe, supervised atmosphere.


Mr. Michael J. Lassiter, M.Ed.
Principal of Highland Park High School

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