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Class Gift

Class Commemorative Gift should be assembled to combine multiple items in one Gift

Select time/event to hand the Class Gift to MAXIMIZE the number of recipients. Not all may attend Project Graduation but all should receive Class Commemorative Gift


CeCe Productions


Events Plus Entertainment


Party King Entertainment


Branchburg Sports Complex

iPlay America


Funtime America


The Bounce Factory


Various Rutgers Recreation Centers

includes Werblin, Livingston, Cook/Douglas


Woodbridge Community Center


New York Sports Club


Camp Mason

Excellent facility with many options - esp oriented to outdoor adventure/nature (whitewater rafting, rock wall and rock climbing, hiking, campfire, etc.). However, it’s a bit far for PG and most of the activities are daytime activities.  Would make a marvelous Senior Trip!!


Monmouth University + Beach bonfire [would need to get permit. Longbranch , the nearest beach town, apparently offers them].


Bridgewater Sports Arena


Metuchen Sportsplex


Class of 2016 Gift: Draw-string Bag & Plush Beach Towel w logo

This Gift was handed out with the Graduation Cap & Gown at 1st Rehearsal of the Graduation Ceremony.

All 121 seniors received the Gift as participation at Rehearsal was mandatory

Project Graduation Gift: Small Photo Album w logo

This Gift was set by the Photo Booth at the PG event.

Many seniors did not receive the Gift as not all visited the Photo Booth

ERROR: These 2 items should have been combined and handed at the same time

Venue Set Up: Consider how big the Class is and how many are attending. Keep all activities centered around a focus central staging area to encourage participation and make the event look like a "Fair".

Avoid diluting the energy of the event. Do not spread activities apart

Minimize transition from one activity to the next

Keep kids in close proximity with one another to create infectious enthusiasm

ERROR: The activities were spread out in different seperate and enclosed areas and were not visible. 

Food & Beverages: Class of 2016 has 121 students, 118 graduated, 108 attended Project Graduation


SUBS: 25 SUBS, TOTAL: 100 pieces.

Leftover 5 SUBS, 2 SUBS consumed by RICOCHET staff 3 SUBS discarded.

PIZZA; 10 large PIZZAs all consumed.

FRUIT: Watermelon, grapes, 

Had LOTS could have had MUCH MORE all consummed

MUFFINS, SNACKS: 100 mini muffins, chips & pretzels. All consummed



We borrowed from the school large 10-gallon orange containers

ICED TEA: 7 gallons all consummed needed more

LEMONADE: 5 gallons all consummed needed more


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